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[nectar_dropcap color=””]F[/nectar_dropcap]rom the perfectly laid runners in the Federal Palace of Switzerland, to the famous Vatican Museum spiral, some staircases can be designed to steal all the focus. However, many staircases are purely utilitarian and created with only ‘A to B’ in mind.

At Luxury Renovations, we believe moving from one floor to another should have at least a little bit of glamour to it. These are some of the effects and designs we can create to turn any staircase into the centrepiece of your home.

Luxurious materials

Many of our designs combine classic materials with custom styles and structures. Our renovated staircases incorporate tough steel beams and bolts, smoothly carved wood, natural stone, and thick panes of clear glass.

All materials can be combined to create whatever effect you want, from natural and simple, to imposing and expensive staircase renovation.

Seamless glass

Minimal and modern, seamless glass can create a unique bannister. The glass panels appear to be completely disconnected and stand independently, but still feel robust and sturdy.

The transparency of the glass makes this a stylish choice for both large and smaller hallways, creating more light and space. Any kind of timber, dark or light, works well with a seamless glass staircase, adding a natural touch to this contemporary design.

Understairs storage

Our staircase renovations can include made to measure smart storage, as well as enviable design features. Underneath your staircase can be converted into innovative cupboard and drawer space, with a variety of handles, materials, colours, textures, and soft closing features.

Traditional styles

We can design a range of spindles, bannisters, and steps, to create a traditional staircase in a more classic or ornate style. Traditional staircases suit country-style homes and period properties, with or without the original features.

Our renovated staircases can be in keeping with your current hallway and landing design, or replicate a classic Victorian or Edwardian style.

Optical illusions

Floating staircases can use levitating threads, structural glass, or a cantilevered anchor to make the steps appear completely weightless, suspended from the floor, walls, or ceiling. This dramatic illusion can use traditional materials like timber and stone, or glass and steel.

For added drama, we can add LED lighting to accentuate the steps and structure. This adds depth and atmosphere to your hallway or entrance hall, leaving your house guests wondering how you’ve cheated gravity.


Our staircase renovation projects are designed and created in our design studio in Manchester, by joiners with over 20 years’ experience. Each design incorporates tough materials, beautiful finishes, and master craftsmanship, allowing us to transform any existing staircase into a piece of art in its own right.

For staircase renovation Manchester, contact us to discuss your design project and get a quote.